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From: Greg Chadwick

Fellow Business Builder And Traffic Seeker,

Would you like help in building your business? Would you like more traffic to the websites you are promoting? Would you like to build your list or make it bigger?

Would you like to do all that for free? Of course! Who wouldn't, right?

Here at My Daily List Builder we build your list for you and build your businesses for you too! All for free!

When you join, you join as a Pro member automatically!

My Daily List Builder is a Text Ad Exchange that allows you to promote your top 3 money-making programs to your referrals, every time they login! We help you build your referrals down 1 level - which is the most important level!

Build Your List, Get Guaranteed Visitors & Earn Free Advertising!

Anyone your refer to My DLB will automatically be on your list! You get to email your list once a week! That is huge!

You can advertise for free 10 times a day every day and easily earn advertising points to use for banner ads, traffic links and solo ads!

Join today and try it out for yourself!

My Daily List Builder is NOT a money making business.
It is simply a FREE Advertising Service that is a great way
to get people to join your opportunities.

Key Features

Guaranteed Visitors!

Earn points for viewing other members' websites when you click on text ads, banners, Traffic Links and also by clicking links in solo ads.

You only get points deducted from your account when MEMBERS VIEW YOUR WEBSITE or you trade them for advertising!

Members Area features a business builder with 40 of the hottest traffic building, list building, and income generating programs online!

You can add your 3 favorite money-making programs to the business builder so that anyone you refer could virtually be your referral the same day!

Email your referrals once a week!

Earn lots of points for being active!

Use those points for solo ads - my websites' solo ads are some of the most responsive solo ads around.

Full stats available for your advertising.

Real Testimonials!

Hi Greg,

How do you do it?

Kudos on My DLB! I am totally amazed with your ideas and must say thank you for your fantastic efforts, and for unleashing yet another powerful marketing method!

I'm sure many people would agree with me when I say we're tired of high-priced, non-responsive advertising. You have provided an awesome alternative that ANYONE can join and benefit from! Way to go AGAIN!

Jullieanne Matheson


Will you STOP! I canít keep up! (Of Course - I donít mean that ;) You never cease to amaze me. You must have broken the record for new site launches (so far) this winter Ė what gift have you planned for us for Christmas? You really provide all an online marketer needs! My Serverís Traffic has trebled in 6 weeks. Donít stop now Ė keep them coming.

Richard Noonan


MY DLB is certainly a force to be reckoned with. The reports from my Google Analytics account PROVES that MY DLB drives responsive advertising. This is the best "Bang For Your Buck" in the industry - Affordable + Responsive! You just can't beat MY DLB.

Cy Price
Adqua Quality Safelist


Every time you release a new program it keeps getting better and better. My Daily List Builder is keeping up this trend. What you offer for free is much better than a lot of other programs paid features. And, in my opinion, your paid features are worth much more than they cost. Keep up the great work. I am looking forward to see what you have next.

Kevin Agee

My DLB is great!!! A great site to get together with other people that want to do the same thing as you!!!! Get referrals!!!! There's no mix-up, mismatch or anything of that sort here. Just join My DLB and start building your business for anything referral program you have! Personally, It's worked so good for me in the last 3 days I've been on it, that I don't think I'd use anything else now. Just doesn't seem like it would cut it.


Join Pro For Free!

100 points on joining

25 points for every ad read

100 points for every solo ad click

1000 points for every referral

Post 10 Ads A Day

1,000 Points/Month

1 point for every banner clicked

1 banner ad w/5,000 impressions!

Price: FREE

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including the verification email.

A Gmail Account Is STRONGLY Recommended.
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